Light Painting by Julian Cash

Light Painting portraits at Events

In 2012 Julian Cash created the group The Aurora Light Painters, a performance troupe who played for the first time ever on "America's Got Talent". They recieved a standing ovation from the screaming AGT audience in Austin, texas. Of their performance, Howard Stern said "I've never seen anything like this. I loved it!". Julian's portrait book The People of Burning Man became an instant "cult classic" with dozens of five-star reviews on Amazon, despite having no advertizing or PR.

Julian Cash creates fast paced light painting portraits at events. At the San Francisco Music Tech Summit, he photographed 63 people in just under 7 hours, averaging about 6 1/2 minutes per person.

When a complex light illustration is needed, Jackie (Julian's wife) jumps in to draw on request. Eso (the star from the Aurora Light Painters) busily picks the best pictures and puts them into an instant slideshow.

The fun part is making the photo match a particular topic. Sometimes, the more outrageous the request, the better.

Here are examples of what people requested and the images they got.

religious painting
Light Painting with pets
Happy light paintingInner Metal Head
light painted astronomer
Light Painting Sh*tting a rainbow
Light Painted breasts
Light Painting - Make me Evil
photo of photoMad Scientist light painting
Andrew De Leon