Light Painting by Julian Cash

Our Superstar Team

Julian Cash

Julian has been a Light Painting portrait photographer for 25+ years. Cash makes imaginative and striking portraits that draw you into the thoughts and dreams of the subject. He's shot for Rolling Stone, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, KQED, Treasure Island Music Festival, and many other companies, publications, and events. Julian formed The Aurora Light Painters in 2012. The group performed on America's Got Talent and were called "Spectacular" and "Amazing" by the judges. His photo portrait book, The People of Burning Man, was an instant cult classic with 35+ five star reviews on Amazon. Cash has taken spectacular light painting photographs at countless events, corporate and otherwise. He has taken photographs for magazines, newspapers, books, websites, t-shirts, music CD covers, calendars, lunch boxes, and advertising campaigns.

Jackie Cash

Jackie Cash is an incredible illustrator. When a portrait is being done and a perfect illustration is needed, Jackie jumps in and works her magic. Jackie and Julian both created the cult classic book "The People of Burning Man" which was financed by the Burning Man community. Jackie helped form and performed in The Aurora Light Painters.


Eso is remarkably skilled at processing images quickly and beautifully. She was the star performer in The Aurora Light Painters. She is a fantastic model when one is needed. She is both stunning and genius. Eso is a skilled light painter. She created the light painting portrait of Julian at the top of this page.

Companies we adore

Michael is an incredible light painter and he also makes unique fantastic tools for doing light painting.

These guys are super fun, low cost, and have a zillion awesome glowing blinky toys. Many of the toys we light paint with come from these guys.

If you want the tools to build incredible light creations, CoolNeon is the place to go.

Great high quality light toys for performing and having fun with.